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We've got your Industrial Detergent
Requirements Covered

Our extensive range of detergents include degreasers, bleaches, disinfectants,  vehicle care, floor care, solvents, kitchen detergents, laundry detergents and aerosols.

Click on the industries that interest you below to learn more and download the respective product catalog.

Industrial Kitchens

Mega Magic have been operating in the food catering industry for over 2 decades. We have vast experience and offer more than your typical chemical supplier in terms of ‘Free on Loan’ equipment. We are big enough to provide scale and small enough to adapt to your individual requirements.

Industrial Laundries

We have a range of industrial laundry liquids and powders. Our implementation engineers will survey your facility and investigate the capabilities of your laundry equipment before we put a formal proposal together for you on our detergents and liquid dosing equipment. Within our laundry range we have disinfectants and expertise that suit the hospital environment.

Hotel Care

We have a range of Hotel Care and Housekeeping products, this forms part of our core business and what we love to do.

Food & Beverage

Mega Magic is positioned as experts in the food hygiene space. The list of products and added services we offer highlight our commitment to food safety; the facilities we support are testament to this. We have a solution for all aspects of the supply chain in the food processing industry.

Vehicle Maintenance

In addition to our workshop specific range of products and hand cleaners, we have purposefully built a foaming unit that is used to apply truck cleaning detergents when cleaning your fleet.

This equipment is part of our Free on Loan value offering to clients that qualify. The foaming unit was built with our fit for purpose truck cleaning detergents, it can also be set to precise customer requirements. The foaming unit not only saves wash time it also preserves water during the cleaning process.

Workshops & Mines

Mega Magic deals with large mining groups with approved degreasers, used in many areas of the mine itself in terms of maintenance work that needs to be completed on a daily basis.

General Purpose

Outside of our speciality industries we still do have your needs covered, have a look through our General Purpose Range.